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What do they mean?




Never worry about having to pick up or drop off anything again! Any verified user can make money delivering.

Use your legs, bike, scooter, car, van or truck to deliver items to borrowers in and around your area. Accept or decline delivery request as you get them. Every time a transaction is made on borrow chances are it needs a delivery person, you'll get requests from borrowers closest to your location. All your accepted future delivery jobs will be saved and managed for you until the time comes for you to take action. You never need to handle cash apart from tips! We'll do it all for you electronically. 


You get to keep the full delivery fee as our way of saying thanks for making someones experience extra convenient. 

GET Reminded

Missing the ingredient to your



Get it delivered On-Demand

by someone on Borrow.


Panta Group is releasing a feature on Borrow that allows you to buy fresh or packaged groceries & ingredients and have them delivered to your door in under 35 min...


Coming 2018.


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