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"First we start with an app, then we take over the world"
- David Kahale (CEO, Director)





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List anything from dresses to heavy machinery and earn an extra income. If you own something but don't use it chances are somebody needs it. You only ever have to list an item once, select available dates and Borrow will manage the rest. 


If you're in need of something but the cost of buying it is too high just search and borrow it for a fraction of the price.



Get anything done at anytime. Have everything displayed in front of you ready for instant hire.


Have a skill, trade or business? Provide it on borrow and get hired by people in and around your area.

Do you offer any products, packages or deals? Add anything from food menu items to car spark plugs in your listing and let your customers order instantly.




Looking for something to do? See whats on offer and book a spot. Experience anything from 5-star fine dining to all night summer pool parties hosted by your neighbours!


Share your passion with the world by planning and offering unique experiences to locals and tourists. Get instant bookings and make a living doing what you love.



Never worry about having to pick up or drop off anything again! Any verified user can make money delivering.

Use your legs, bike, scooter, car, van or truck to deliver items to borrowers in and around your area. Accept or decline delivery request as you get them. Every time a transaction is made on borrow chances are it needs a delivery person, you'll get requests from borrowers closest to your location. All your accepted future delivery jobs will be saved and managed for you until the time comes for you to take action. You never need to handle cash apart from tips! We'll do it all for you electronically. 


You get to keep the full delivery fee as our way of saying thanks for making someones experience extra convenient. 

Scheduled notifications & reminders



Sleep well knowing we're taking care of you! 


Track your items and deliveries in real time and stay in the know about where your things are.


Before any transaction is made on Borrow every user must provide a valid form of government-issued ID. Simply snap a pic of your Drivers License or Passport and get verified instantly with the help of our partners at greenID. They verify identities against reliable, trustworthy, government and independent data sources by securely capturing relevant customer details through a range of online forms, document scanning, biometric capture, document upload and manual data entry in real-time.

Every borrower must accept and respect all of Your listing rules and requirements as well as Our Terms & Agreements before completing an action. 



You can choose to add optional theft, damage and loss cover when listing your item for even more peace of mind in the very unlikely event something was to go wrong. 


For all questions, feedback, ideas and partnerships just message us. 

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