The purple dot is your service reminder.

Expand your brand

Reach more people in a new way


Posting a service on Borrow is extremely easy and flexible. Appear to those closest to you and get hired instantly. Borrow puts you right in front of customers who are actually in need of your service at any time. You can add optional products and discounts to your listing and gain an instant line of communication with customers using our secure messaging system.

Never forget appointment details


Every time you get hired Borrow automatically stores all the information on your Homebase calendar. Your schedule is instantly organised for you, meaning you'll never have to worry about taking calls and filling in details again. You'll be notified when a new booking has been made and when an upcoming appointment is due.



Build valuable customer relationships


It's time for your business to become more convenient in a world where everything is going digital. Our customer information systems help enhance your relationship with customers. Once a customer interacts with your business they're automatically saved to your account and can be contacted at any time with special offers or to get some valuable feedback on their experience.

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