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New startup revolutionises sharing economy

January 18, 2018

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New startup revolutionises sharing economy

January 18, 2018

The sharing economy is huge, but it has one problem - no single site offers all the things you might need. Until now, that is. Available on IOS and Android Sydney-based Panta Group will launch its new app, Borrow, and the sharing economy is going to experience a shift of tectonic proportions.


Panta Group’s vision is to provide everything to everyone (their name, Panta, meaning ‘Everything’ in Ancient Greek), and it shows. Borrow’s central appeal is that anyone can make money using things they have lying around, all with the safety of a user verification service that many other apps don’t have.


7 reasons Borrow is so exceptional


It’s multifaceted

This is the major appeal of Borrow, and what sets it apart from other sharing platforms. Users can list items for borrowing, provide services or products and share experiences - whatever works.


It’s safe

A second (and equally strong) appeal is the safety procedures built into user registration. Panta Group has partnered with greenID, who validate user information and identification during registration. You definitely know the person you’re dealing with really is who they say they are.


It’s easy

Nobody has time for extra complications. Borrow is all about using what you have, not about working like crazy. Another nice feature is the listing process that only has to be completed once, with availability toggled on or off. Borrow will also handle the entire booking and delivery process for you.


It’s unusual

There aren’t many ways for experience-based entrepreneurs to test their ideas without a full business launch. With Borrow’s Experiences section, the fun experiences you dream up can make you money. Clowning classes, city walks - even an old-fashioned backyard BBQ party isn’t out of the question.


It’s a great advertising space

For service providers, Borrow offers a space where people are already gathered and looking to hire. The Provide and Hire section of the app allows businesses or people with skills and trades to list what they offer in a secure and focussed setting. This section also works as a product sales platform, which is handy.


It’s not work

Another appeal of Borrow is that you don’t have to work at all if you don’t want to. With the Item option, all users have to do is list the things they’re not using, then sit back and make money as the app takes care of it all. Items are loaned out to other users and returned. The best thing about this is the broad range of things it’s possible to loan: anything from drills to extra dinner sets can make money instead of lying around unused.


It’s a great use of resources

Finally, Borrow has the appeal that the entire sharing economy has tapped into, but magnified. Users can have the satisfaction of sharing resources and cutting down on consumption. For some, doing this while making money just sweetens the deal.


In short, Borrow’s appeal is so strong because it does indeed offer everything. As Panta Group’s CEO, David Kahale, says about the driving force behind Borrow: ‘The aim of the app is to eliminate the idea of working in order to make money.’ You can’t argue with that.

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